Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Horse blankets are an investment that can be safeguarded with proper cleaning and servicing. Contaminants such as dirt, dander, insect larvae and detergent residues degrade both the waterproofing and breathability of the blanket shell and leads to matting of the insulation layer. This matting causes moisture to be absorbed through the insulation with resulting heat loss. It is easy to see that clean blankets mean a warm, dry and happy horse.

All blankets are pre-cleaned and washed in cold water with appropriate cleaning agents in front loading extractor washers. In most cases we use CareTex Equine Blanket Wash which helps to restore original blanket function and features to maximum performance. Blankets are line dried to prevent shrinkage. Extra care is taken to remove as much hair as possible.

All repairs are carried out on heavy duty industrial sewing machines. We make every effort to match patch colors as closely as possible. We recommend taking blankets out of service for repair when damaged because any repair becomes more costly when the damaged area becomes further enlarged. Our shop is well stocked with quality patch fabric, webbing and hardware. Normally we will call you if the cost of repair is more than the blanket is worth.

We use several different water repellent products as dictated by the condition of your blanket. Older blankets that are beginning to break down require a different approach than newer blankets. We can also seam seal your blanket if you find it is leaking at the seams.

We use Caretex Equine and Atsko waterproofing, as we have found that these products give the most satisfactory results.

We provide a pick-up and delivery service. We also offer a drop off location for your convenience.